• Bio

    When Anna moved to Charleston, she found the natural landscape a perfect subject to explore. “Peaceful observation is what I intend to communicate through my work. Painting is a time for me to slow down and truly examine what I see – the relationships between colors and shapes, and how light creates form.” She also intends for her work to convey a shared respect, gratitude, and love for nature that supports and connects everyone.

    Anna has a BFA in Interior Design from Winthrop University and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from Virginia Tech. While she worked as an interior designer in the metro DC area, she was introduced to oil painting in an evening class at the Corcoran School of Art & Design. She continued her study in a workshop in Italy.

    Anna’s background in interior design, along with her training as an oil painter, gives her a unique ability to create personalized works that perfectly accent homes and offices. “When I paint, I like to visualize the painting complementing an actual interior space. It feels great when the artwork has found its home.”